Islam Times 29 Aug 2011 062011000000Mon, 29 Aug 2011 06:55:22 -0400 6:55 -------------------------------------------------- Title : The confiscation of large quantity of advanced weapons smuggled from Iraq to Syria -------------------------------------------------- Baghdad (Islam Times) – On Tuesday, the General Secretariat of the Tanf Customs on the Syrian-Iraqi border announced the seizure of a large quantity of advanced weapons smuggled in a secret bunker inside a bus coming from Iraq. Text : Islam Times: The secretary of the Tanf Customs, in a statement that was relayed by the Syrian news agency SANA, said that the relevant authorities in the Tanf Customs on the Syrian-Iraqi border seized on Sunday a large quantity of advanced war weapons placed in a secret bunker, which was designed to perfection and difficult to detect, in an Iraqi bus that holds the plate number 16024 Baghdad, which was coming to Syria. The secretary added that the weapons seized include 75 different types of guns, 10 short machine guns, and 50 bullet repositories, pointing out that the seized weapons were handed over to the relevant authorities. The Syrian authorities has closed the Al-Bu Kamal border crossing with Iraq on the 18th of July, after the military operations carried out by the Syrian army in the border town of Al-Bu Kamal, and he pointed out that the perpetrators of Rabia and Al-Walid were not influenced by closure. These events come after the announcement of the Ministry of Interior on the 9th of this August that the border with Syria has become safer because of the actions taken by the Syrian regime out of fear of opposite infiltration across it and smuggling of arms to the regime s opposition, while accusing some workers in the border outposts of colluding with smugglers due to being affected by clan ties in those areas; they noted their efforts to set up a surveillance system on the border with Syria and Iran to reduce infiltration and smuggling.