Islam Times 18 Mar 2023 102023000000Sat, 18 Mar 2023 10:42:54 +0330 10:42 -------------------------------------------------- Title : Three Killed in Brazil Unrest Allegedly Orchestrated by Imprisoned Gang Leaders -------------------------------------------------- Islam Times - Violent unrest, allegedly orchestrated by imprisoned gang leaders, claimed the lives of at least three people in northeast Brazil. Text : Rioters shelled public buildings and set fire to buses and gas stations in several cities in Rio Grande do Norte state, according to AP. The violence began on Monday night and continued despite the deployment of over 220 national guard troops to the region. Schools in both Rio Grande do Norte and neighboring Paraiba state canceled classes on Thursday, and some regular bus services were suspended. Among those killed was the owner of a supermarket. Meanwhile, authorities reported that a rioter in Rio Grande do Norte and another in Paraiba were killed in shootouts with police. The attacks were reportedly being ordered from within the state s biggest prison, where prisoners had demanded televisions, conjugal visits, and electricity. Brazil s Justice Minister Flávio Dino ordered a new task force to improve prison security and prevent further violence.