Islam Times 2 Jul 2022 022022000000Sat, 02 Jul 2022 02:59:18 +0430 2:59 -------------------------------------------------- Title : Biden Ends ‘Remain in Mexico’ Policy Backed by Supreme Court -------------------------------------------------- Islam Times - The US Supreme Court on Thursday gave President Joe Biden's administration the green light to end the so-called "Remain in Mexico" policy instituted by his predecessor Donald Trump as part of his hardline approach to immigration. Text : In a 5-4 ruling authored by Chief Justice John Roberts, the justices overturned a lower court’s decision requiring Biden to restart the Migrant Protection Protocols [MPP]. The ruling bolstered Biden as he pursues what he calls a more "humane" approach at the southern border, even as Republicans blame him for what they portray as an immigration crisis. Under the policy, some non-Mexicans who entered the US illegally across the southern border were sent back to Mexico to wait while their immigration cases played out in court, rather than being detained or provisionally released. Trump s administration adopted the policy in 2018 in response to an increase in migration along the US-Mexican border. Advocates for migrants said the policy exposed asylum-seekers to dangerous conditions in Mexico as overwhelmed US courts slowly work through a backlog of cases. Biden suspended "Remain in Mexico" in January 2021 shortly after taking office and acted to rescind it five months later. Roughly 68,000 people fell under the policy from the time it took effect in 2019 until Biden suspended it. During Biden s tenure as president, more than 200,000 people attempting to enter the country illegally were interdicted at the border each month and sent back. Illegal border crossings are often dangerous, both for the physical conditions in the region and mistreatment by human traffickers. Earlier this week, 53 people died after being packed inside a tractor-trailer truck without air conditioning that was later abandoned in Texas.