Islam Times 19 Nov 2017 112017000000Sun, 19 Nov 2017 11:50:32 -0500 11:50 -------------------------------------------------- Title : Syrian Army Retakes More Areas in Hama, ISIS Routed from Al-Bukamal -------------------------------------------------- Islam times - Syrian forces backed by local allies, regained control over villages of Haran and Hardaneh in the northeastern countryside of Hama province on Sunday. Text : According to sources government troops carried out a precise military operation targeting al-Nusra Front hideouts in the two villages, killing a number of terrorists and destroying their hideouts. Scores of al-Nusra Front terrorists fled away and army units are pursuing them in the area. Elsewhere, Hezbollah, the Syrian army and their allies on Sunday continued operation to clear ISIS remnants from almost liberated city of al-Bukamal, killing 50 terrorists. 150 other ISIS terrorists, including the two commanders Abu Hasan Al-Iraqi” and Saddam al-Jamal, escaped the battlefield in the city through tunnels into the eastern of Euphrates as some of them turned themselves into the US-backed SDF militias. It s worth noting that Hezbollah, the Syrian army and their allies had launched an intensive campaign against ISIS terrorists to liberate Al-Bukamal city, which was the takfiri s last bastion in Syria.