Islam Times 25 Aug 2019 082019000000Sun, 25 Aug 2019 08:58:52 -0400 8:58 -------------------------------------------------- Title : Trump regime is most dangerous regime in US history -------------------------------------------------- Islam Times - The regime led by US President Donald Trump is the most dangerous regime in US history and must be stopped, American writer and political analyst Stephen Lendman has warned. Text : Media reports said on Thursday that an official at the US State Department announced on Thursday that the shipping sector was on notice to "aggressively" enforce US sanctions against Iran. Press TV interviewed Lendman, an author and radio host with excellent credentials, about this matter on Friday who described the Trump administration as a dangerous regime whose actions were outside the international law and threatened the global community. He said, "The most dangerous regime in US history is in power today." "Trump regime operates extra-judicially in virtually everything it does," Lendman said. The American political analyst said Trump s men like Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and his National Security Adviser John Bolton would do anything possible to wage "what I call war by other means on Iran." Lendman warned that sanctions, war and other hostile actions including the nuclear option, were some of the plans they had against Iran in their minds. "This is the way the US operates. This US is a lawless country. Everyone knows this in the international community, yet they either go along with the US, or they are cowed into submission." "What the US is really doing is wanting all other nations, entities, individuals, and anyone having normal relations with Iran to face US wrath. So anyone legally buying Iranian oil faces the likelihood of the illegal US sanctions," he said, adding," US must be stopped." Lendman said the Europeans should stand up against the US. "The only way to stop them is the world community saying we are not taking this anymore because if we go along with this we may be destroyed," he said . "This is exactly what will happen if the world community does not stand up and get some back bone and challenge the US," he warned. Lendman said, "It was defeated in its game to get Gibraltar to turn over Iran s supertanker. Gibraltar would not do it. Gibraltar s Supreme Court turned it down Gibraltar s government turned US down embarrassing the US." "The US does not like to be turned down when it makes a request or a demand it expects to be obeyed. It wasn t. Just imagine -- tiny Gibraltar defied the US to go along with what it wanted because it would be breaking international law, and its own law, if it did, so, it refused." Lendman advised the world community, Europeans in particular, not to submit to US demands and follow the example set by the judges and judiciary officials in Gibraltar.