Islam Times 7 Dec 2017 002017000000Thu, 07 Dec 2017 00:05:28 -0500 0:05 -------------------------------------------------- Title : US President Trump Defies World, Declares al-Quds as Israel’s Capital -------------------------------------------------- Islam Times - US President Donald Trump has officially declared al-Quds (Jerusalem) as Israeli regime’s capital, defying global opposition to the illegal measure that has triggered protests in Palestine. Text : In a speech at the White House on Wednesday, Trump said his administration would also begin a process of moving the American embassy in Tel Aviv to the holy city, which is expected to take years. "I have determined that it is time to officially recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel," Trump said. "While previous presidents have made this a major campaign promise, they failed to deliver. Today, I am delivering." The US leader also said that Vice President Mike Pence will travel to the West Asia region in the coming days. The announcement was a major shift by Washington that overturns decades of US foreign policy. Trump's decision was mostly aimed at pleasing his main supporters - Republican conservatives and evangelical Christian Zionists who comprise an important share of his voter base. The entire al-Quds is currently under Israeli regimes illegal control, while the regime also claims the city s eastern part, which hosts the third holiest Muslim site. The city has been designated as occupied” under international law since the 1967 Arab War, which Palestinians want as the capital of their future state. Trump had vowed during his presidential campaign that he would relocate the US embassy in order to court Zionist voters. China and Russia also expressed concern the plans could aggravate West Asia hostilities. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hailed Trump's recognition as "historic" and a "courageous and just decision." Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has lambasted the US saying the Palestinian leadership refuses to acknowledge President Donald Trump's contentious move. Calling al-Quds the "eternal capital of the State of Palestine", the president of the Palestinian Authority said on Wednesday the US could no longer be a mediator in Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations. "This is a reward to Israel," Abbas said in a televised address, adding that Trump's move encouraged Israel's "continuing occupation" of the Palestinian territories.