Islam Times 7 Sep 2013 052013000000Sat, 07 Sep 2013 05:07:13 -0400 5:07 -------------------------------------------------- Title : Evidences prove that the terrorist’s allegations against the Syrian government are untrue -------------------------------------------------- Islam Times - At a time when the U.S. administration claims that the Syrian government has used chemical weapons in rural Damascus, there are many doubts about the Syrian government’s role in this alleged attack to the extent that some could say for sure that the terrorists’ allegations are but only lies. Text : After the allegations launched by the terrorists relating to the issue that the Syrian government forces committed a massacre in the Ghouta area in rural Damascus through the use of sarin gas, the U.S. administration is claiming now that it has no doubt that the Syrian government has carried out a chemical offensive, and since the United States had announced earlier that using the chemical arms is a red line, it is now obliged to have a reaction. In fact, this reaction is expected to be a military one, and Russia has warned it not to take such a step. Nevertheless, contrary to the U.S. allegations, there is irrefutable evidence refuting the allegations of the terrorists and are inconsistent with the allegations of the Americans at least. This evidence could raise doubts about their claims, unless the Americans turned a blind eye to this evidence deliberately. Here we refer to this evidence, noting that the media that is supporting the resistance in recent days has published valuable and informative reports in this regard, and our readers can search for them on the Internet and they are easily accessible. 1- At the political-strategic level: the party that reaches a dead end is usually the one that uses weapons of mass destruction to achieve its goals. The Americans during the Second World War have used nuclear weapons after they were convinced that the Japanese are ready to fight until the last person rather than to surrender. In the war imposed on Iran, the continued progress of the Iranian forces in the Kurdish areas forced the Iraqi army to shell the town of Halabja with chemical bombs. But these conditions are not available in Syria. The balance of power during the past few months was in favor of the government forces, and the top point of these changes was represented in regaining control over the strategic town of Al-Qusair, which was the safeguard of the terrorist forces. Therefore, based on this point of view there is no justification that forces the Syrian army to take advantage of the chemical weapons. 2- Based on the statements made by military experts, any area targeted by chemical weapons cannot be accessed without special equipment only after a minimum of 12 hours, and this period might be prolonged to one week. Hence, how did a number of people enter to this area, and they filmed the scenes therein, while it is clear that the terrorists do not have any protective equipment to enter the area! Even, the scenes that have been spread clearly reveal that all the people who were in the area were not using any protective equipment. 3- Due to the presence of airflow in the nearby Ghouta area of Damascus, the sarin gas can impossibly be confined in this area only and not spread to neighboring areas to reach to Damascus. Thus, the effects of this poisoning gas were expected to be found in other areas of Damascus as well, while there is no evidence that proves this. 4- There is evidence that suggests that the scenes that were shot by the terrorists from the place where the alleged chemical attack have been prepared and published before the date of the chemical attack and this has been noted in the statement issued by the Russian Foreign Ministry as well. 5- Russia announced recently that its synthetic radars recorded scenes that prove that the terrorists are the ones who used chemical weapons and not the Syrian army. 6- The Syrian governmental army discovered after those attacks quantities of chemical weapons in the areas where those terrorists were found in, what reveals that the terrorists would have taken advantage of these banned weapons easily. 7- The scenes that have been passed down from the Ghouta area reveal that the majority of the dead people therein were children. As if the sarin gas has picked up the children only in the affected area and left the adults. This comes when everyone knows that the sarin gas is ruthless and its spares no one. This means that they focused on these scenes for media purposes and not more. 8- The allegations in relation to the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian army coincided with the presence of the UN inspector s team in Syria. In addition, the Syrian officials after the allegations launched by the terrorists agreed to let the inspectors visit the area. 9- Finally, it should be said that in terms of politics, given that the U.S. administration has put red lines and has formed War Room against Syria and that the Western-Arab front was waiting for a pretext to achieve a military intervention in Syria, the Syrian government was well aware that its enemies were waiting to take advantage of these weapons in order to declare that Syria has crossed the red line. As well as, there is no rational politician that goes forward in achieving victories using chemical weapons while jeopardizing his successive victories. In true fact, these nine evidences are sufficient to rebut the allegations of the terrorists and to prove that they are lying in issues relating to the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government forces. However, the U.S. officials even though do not want to question their vision about the Syrian government s responsibility regarding this chemical attack! It is clear that the Western-Arab front is looking for an excuse to intervene in Syria and to stop the advancement of the Syrian army in the face of the terrorists, and since it did not find any pretext, it therefore initiated to sacrifice a number of Syrian citizens and then to promote this lie in media as a prelude to achieve a military intervention in Syria.