Islam Times 18 Nov 2022 222022000000Fri, 18 Nov 2022 22:44:33 +0330 22:44 -------------------------------------------------- Title : US Attempts to Target the Resistance Failed: Hezbollah -------------------------------------------------- Islam Times - Deputy Chief of Hezbollah Executive Council Sheikh Ali Daamoush emphasized that all the US attempts to target the Resistance, smash its power and distance the youth from the culture and ideas it possesses have been in vain as they didn’t achieve any of its goals. Text : During the Friday’s prayer’s sermon, His Eminence considered that the maximum pressure policy, siege, sanctions, starving the people, and targeting their living and financial conditions which they suspected would end the Resistance and distance Lebanese from incubating this phenomenon didn’t meet their expectations. Moreover, Sheikh Daamoush noted that, “Today and after the scenario of siege has failed, they started planning for the scenario of chaos, collapse, destruction, and instability. They suspect that this scenario may overthrow the Resistance in Lebanon, yet they are delusional and desperate, for the Resistance generations, which defeated them in all phases and places and failed their plans, will never enable them to destroy our country and undermine its strength, stability and unity.” His Eminence further considered that “As long as this generation and the future generations have faith, consciousness, insight, will, culture, and determination to resist, enjoy the spirituality of the martyrs, and carry their slogans; they’ll never achieve their evil goals and push the Lebanese to clash with each other.” Accordingly, he stressed that “One of the elements of thwarting the US scheme to destabilize Lebanon is to elect a president whose priority is to unify the Lebanese people, preserve civil peace and protect the country, adheres to the strengths of Lebanon, and prioritizes national interests over others.” “The obligatory path to accomplish this issue is consensus and understanding. Otherwise, we’ll remain stuck in the same dilemma. No one can impose his will and succeed in bringing a president who challenges a significant category of the Lebanese and rises the slogan of confrontation without the content of the parliamentary majority,” Sheikh Daamoush concluded.