Islam Times 20 Aug 2017 042017000000Sun, 20 Aug 2017 04:41:53 -0400 4:41 -------------------------------------------------- Title : Anti-US Posters Spread in North Korea as Trump Plans War Drills -------------------------------------------------- Islam Times - Anti-United States posters have appeared across North Korean streets as tension between the two countries continue to rise. Text : One blue-lettered poster shows a barrage of missiles heading toward a map of the United States that is in flames. It boasts, The entire mainland United States is within our range!” Another shows red missiles emerging from a North Korean flag to slam into the United States Capitol and eviscerate the American flag. It carries the words: Our answer!” A third poster displays a red missile mounted on a giant red tank. It lambastes United Nations sanctions and hails the North s self-reliance with the words: No one can stop our march forward!” The posters and defiant slogans were unveiled this past week, the latest sign that tensions remain high between Washington and Pyongyang over the North s nuclear ambitions and the sanctions imposed by other nations. Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump is going ahead with a joint military exercise with South Korea, despite calls to delay or cancel the drills after North Korean leader Kim Jong-un threatened to launch missiles at Guam. The US will hold its annual joint military exercises with South Korea on Monday, a display which could provoke Kim Jong-un s wrath. The Ulchi Freedom Guardian drills have taken place each year since the 1970s, but Monday s will mark the first since North Korea threatened to strike the US Pacific territory of Guam. Pyongyang successfully launched two intercontinental ballistic missiles in July, proving that it has the technology to strike Guam, or any other US territory it chooses. North Korean state media has condemned the games, saying they will further drive the situation on the Korean Peninsula into a catastrophe”. The current tensions on the Korean Peninsula started following increased provocations by the US which includes military drills and deployment of warships and submarines in the region. Pyongyang insists that developing its military defenses including nuclear weapons is important to counter incessant provocations by the US including a possible nuclear aggression.