Islam Times 3 Dec 2022 092022000000Sat, 03 Dec 2022 09:49:13 +0330 9:49 -------------------------------------------------- Title : Bahrainis Protest Herzog Visit by Chanting Death To ‘Israel’ -------------------------------------------------- Islam Times - Protesters in Bahrain chanted “death to ‘Israel’” on Friday at rallies against the Zionist regime’s President Isaac Herzog’s upcoming visit to the Gulf state. Text : Dozens of demonstrators gathered in several areas of the tiny country to denounce Herzog’s arrival on Sunday. He will be the first Zionist president to visit Bahrain.   The protesters carried signs with Herzog’s image that said “criminal” and “you are not welcome in Bahrain.”   Local authorities allowed the anti-‘Israel’ protests to take place, but will not permit similar events during Herzog’s visit, ‘Israeli’ media reported.   Bahrain s Lualua TV said the demonstrators burned an ‘Israeli’ flag and squared off with riot police.