Islam Times 28 Sep 2021 102021000000Tue, 28 Sep 2021 10:08:33 +0330 10:08 -------------------------------------------------- Title : Hezbollah Condemns Erbil’s Conference to Normalize Ties with ‘Israel’: A Failed Attempt That Was Buried Alive -------------------------------------------------- Islam Times - Hezbollah issued the following statement: Text : Hezbollah slams the conference that was held in the Iraqi city of Erbil to normalize ties with the ‘Israeli’ enemy, and considers it a failed attempt to promote “the culture of dialogue with the enemy” that was buried alive.   Hezbollah further praises the official, political, popular, and religious stances that strongly reject all kinds of normalization with the enemy, and hails the Iraqi Judiciary’s measures that criminalized those normalizers. It also considers that this reflects a special kind of awareness among the Iraqi people, its political components, and national immunity against the scheme of normalization in the Middle East.   Hezbollah highly appreciates the steadfastness and the strong stance of the Iraqi people in supporting the Palestinian people and their just cause.