Islam Times 11 Oct 2020 092020000000Sun, 11 Oct 2020 09:22:30 -0400 9:22 -------------------------------------------------- Title : China Calls for Elimination of US Unilateral Measures against Iran -------------------------------------------------- Islam Times - Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying condemned Washington’s recent sanctions on Iran, saying the bans pose a direct threat to ordinary people’s life and health due to the continued spread of the COVID-19. Text : The US arbitrary unilateral economic blockade & financial sanctions on #Iran & other countries undermine their capability to develop economy & improve livelihood and affect the basic human rights of innocent civilians, including women, children, the elderly & the disabled, Hua said in a recent tweet. With COVID19 still spreading, the US restrictions on transportation of medical supplies pose a direct threat to people s life & health. China once again calls for the elimination of unilateral compulsory measures on Iran, she added. On Thursday, the Trump administration announced it had imposed new sanctions on Iran s financial sector in defiance of Washington s European allies who warned of the humanitarian consequences of the sanctions on Iran s fight against the coronavirus. The new sanctions target the few remaining Iranian banks which were not subject to secondary sanctions. In a tweet, US State Secretary Mike Pompeo announced that the United States is sanctioning 18 major Iranian banks and identifying Iran s financial sector. Iran s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said the US is seeking to blow up Iran s remaining channels to pay for food and medicine.