Islam Times 25 Aug 2019 092019000000Sun, 25 Aug 2019 09:19:13 -0400 9:19 -------------------------------------------------- Title : North Korea talks tough, tests missiles: US talks loom -------------------------------------------------- Islam Times - North Korea again Saturday fired two short-range missiles reaching nearly 100 kilometers in altitude and landing off its East coast, says South Korea’s military. The launches follow a public statement of rebuke and warning for the US, from Pyongyang’s Foreign Minister Ri Yong-ho. Text : Shortly after the launches US President Donald Trump responded, referring to the Pentagon s recent test of a previously banned intermediate range missile the US would like to deploy to the region. Trump and Kim agreed to new talks on denuclearization and sanctions relief at their late June meeting at the inter-Korean border of the DMZ. With recent US South Korea military drills and North Korea s missile tests those talks haven t yet materialized. Chief American envoy to North Korea Stephen Biegen visited Seoul earlier this week, saying the US is ready for negotiations. North Korea refrained from such missile launches for 17 months, ending July 25th, when it began a series of tests that experts say helps Pyongyang develop new short-range missile capabilities. And while new US fighter aircraft are this year being deployed to South Korea, fresh talks between Pyongyang and Washington are expected in the coming weeks.