Islam Times 17 Jul 2021 012021000000Sat, 17 Jul 2021 01:11:52 +0430 1:11 -------------------------------------------------- Title : Facebook Accuses Iranian Hackers of Spying on US Military -------------------------------------------------- Islam Times - Facebook claimed it had disrupted an Iran-based online cyber espionage operation that targeted mostly US military personnel and people working at defense and aerospace companies. Text : Facebook claimed it had taken down about 200 accounts run by an Iranian group of hackers, dubbed “Tortoiseshell” by security experts, Daily Sabah reported. The company continued that the group used fake online personas to connect with targets, build trust sometimes over the course of several months and drive them onto other sites where they were tricked into clicking malicious links that would infect their devices with spying malware. Accordingly, Microsoft-owned LinkedIn said it had removed a number of accounts and Twitter said it was "actively investigating" the information in Facebook s report. Iran has not made any official reaction to Facebook s claims yet.