Islam Times 20 Jul 2021 122021000000Tue, 20 Jul 2021 12:48:19 +0430 12:48 -------------------------------------------------- Title : Lebanese Presidency Schedules PM Consultations for July 26 -------------------------------------------------- Islam Times - The Presidency on Monday scheduled the binding parliamentary consultations to name a new PM for Monday, July 26. Text : Saad Hariri had stepped down as PM-designate on Thursday after nine months of futile deliberations, citing deep disagreements with President Michel Aoun. Hariri s exit came amid a financial collapse branded by the World Bank as one of the planet s worst since the 19th century. His departure left the country rudderless as Lebanon faces soaring poverty, a plummeting currency, angry protests and shortages of basic items from medicine to fuel. Hariri had been nominated premier-designate in October 2020 to replace Mustafa Adib, a relatively unknown diplomat. Adib had been nominated just weeks after the Beirut port explosion, but quit less than a month later over resistance to his proposed line up. Outgoing Prime Minister Hassan Diab, who resigned in the wake of the August 4 explosion, has stayed on in a caretaker capacity until political leaders can agree on a new premier.