Islam Times 26 Oct 2020 132020000000Mon, 26 Oct 2020 13:17:50 -0400 13:17 -------------------------------------------------- Title : Putin Says US Withdrawal from INF ’Grave Mistake’, Creates Risk of Nuclear Arms Race -------------------------------------------------- Islam Times - Russian President Vladimir Putin said the US exit from Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces [INF] Treaty was a "grave mistake" which creates the risk of a renewal of the nuclear arms race. Text : "We consider the US withdrawal from the INF Treaty, as a result of which it has ceased to operate, a serious mistake that increases the risks of unleashing a missile arms race, increasing confrontational potential and sliding into uncontrolled escalation," read the statement cited by the Kremlin press service. The INF Treaty, which Washington left back in 2019, was a key element of the global security architecture, Putin said, adding that threats to it in Europe were "obvious" due to tensions between NATO and Russia. "The Treaty played a special role in maintaining predictability and restraint in the missile-related sector throughout Europe", he said. Moscow added that Russia was "ready" to take the necessary steps to play down the impact caused by the Treaty s demise. "We also call on all interested countries to search for schemes for maintaining stability and preventing missile crises in a world without an INF Treaty in relation to the Asia-Pacific region. We are open to joint work in this direction," Putin said while detailing some concrete measures to decrease Russia-US military tensions. In August 2019 the United States withdrew from the treaty, citing Russia s alleged violation of the agreement s terms.