Tuesday 5 March 2024 - 00:22

Resignations Rock “Israeli” Army due to Gaza War

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Resignations Rock “Israeli” Army due to Gaza War
According to “Israeli” Channel 14, “The second-in-command in Daniel Hagari's team, Moran Katz, along with many high-ranking officials have submitted their resignations in light of the Gaza conflict.”

It said among those who resigned were the second man in Hagari’s team Colonel Butbul, as well as Colonel Moran Katz, and the International Spokesperson for the “Israeli” military Lieutenant Richard Hecht.

The mass resignations are due to the officers’ protest over operational and personal matters, the report said.

The “unusual” move during wartime reflects a state of disturbance within the “Israeli” military’s Spokesperson’s Unit, it added.

Recently, “Israeli” minister of military affairs Yoav Gallant admitted that the entity's army is “paying a very high price” in its aggression against Gaza. “Israeli” reports in recent months have highlighted deep-seated disputes between the government and the army regarding the government's management of the war and its post-war strategy in Gaza.