Sunday 11 October 2020 - 00:04

Is Trump Promoting Wrong Drugs on Behalf of Big Pharma?

By Stephen Lendman
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Is Trump Promoting Wrong Drugs on Behalf of Big Pharma?
I think that's safe for the people in the White House. Their residence is upstairs. It may not be entirely safe, because of the ventilation system, and it's possible that something can get in the system and circulate anywhere in the White House, but it's a pretty big place. I would not be nervous if I was in the White House downstairs, and        he was isolated upstairs, not to show up downstairs. I'll never be in the White House. But, I would not be nervous about that.

But what is the deal about Trump's illness? The deal is we really don't know. These so called PCR tests are very unreliable. I will not take a PCR test, because it won't tell me anything. I could get a false positive. That'd be perfectly OK or I could be ill and get a negative reading. So it tells us nothing. Besides the fact that you could take a test that is unreliable, your situation may change the next day, or later the same day. You could be perfectly well or maybe sick later in the day or sick the day after that. So you really need to take a reliable test every single day without exception, but nobody's going to do that. It's expensive nobody can afford to do that.

Anyway, we do not know what Trump's illness really is. Does he really have COVID disease, or does he have a strain of seasonal flu influenza? COVID is a more conservative version of seasonal flu influenza. It's very easy for an unreliable test to diagnose somebody with flu, or influenza, and call it COVID.

So he is being treated for something with the wrong drugs. They are experimental. That's a separate issue. They're experimental. Two of them and a third one was added, a steroid drug. It's only given or should only be given to people who have very serious COVID illness. Nobody would mouse this with moderate symptoms, but he was given this drug, at least once on Saturday, maybe again on Sunday.

He is back in the White House. We don't know what they're giving him in the White House, but he is using Remdesivir. It's been around for a number of months, tests on it have shown it causes kidney damage. All adults between age 70 and 79 have lesser kidney function than they had earlier. What my own doctors told me, again I greatly respect, that anybody at age 75 or older in all likelihood has lost half of their kidney function, which means to have kidney disease. It's a matter of aging.

So Trump has kidney disease. I don't know if it is stage one, two or three or worse. Nobody's ever reported anything about it. But taking a drug that causes kidney disease, the chances are very great that his disease will worsen.

I don't know what doctors will prescribe this for him, knowing he's at risk for greater kidney disease. And the other drug is also potentially toxic. It's experimental. Hasn't been authorized for public use. But he's talking about them. He's promoting them. The drug companies will probably get FDA approval, and it could be a bonanza for them to sell a lot of this stuff. It probably is toxic that won’t help people. Besides that Remdesivir is not for curing COVID disease. And that's a known fact, that's been promoted.

So why is he taking this. There is a drug. It's very, very helpful in curing COVID. It's called hydrochloroquine (HCQ). When taken with one or two antibiotics plus Zinc early in the stage after diagnosis, but in his age ideally earlier, is very very effective in curing people.

So why isn't Trump on these drugs? I don't know. Well, I would add maybe he is on these drugs. And we're getting false reports from use of the other one to promote them and keep people away from HCQ, and an antibiotic, and Zinc because Big Pharma has a potential Bonanza in vaccines when they come out, whatever that is, don't believe what Trump says about when they will be available. The latest from him is that they going to be available before the November 3 elections in the US. Well, I find it hard to believe, but if they come up before the end of the year or early next year. It'll be an improperly tested. Trials take years. You can't develop a new vaccine in a matter of months. It takes years. It'll be extremely dangerous.

I'm certainly because I mean he may say that he will take it, but he won't take it as the big drug company executives will not take it. They'll claim they're going to take it, but they won't. But they want to make a fortune by selling the vaccine. They probably will although a poll I saw said over half of US public is very leery about these vaccines and want to stay away from them. I hope that they will. It just means less profits to Big Pharma and more healthy people. Anybody taking these vaccines will risk their health because they're very hazardous to human’s health and one should not stay anywhere near them.

Anyway, we don't know what's wrong with Trump. It may be COVID, it may be something else. You don't know how serious his condition is, whether he may have relapsed or he'll be fine in a number of days. He'll probably stay in quarantine at least 10 days, probably two weeks. At the end of two weeks then he is okay from what he's been through.

At the same time, the drugs he's been taking, if they are as reported will probably have very serious side effects later on that maybe we'll never know about. It could be months or years later, maybe after he's long gone from the White House, and nobody will ever connect with whatever illness he may come down with drugs that he has taken, but all drugs are toxic. If you take enough of them, especially in combination. It will be a very great risk for your health. I hate them. I use what I need but I stay away from anything I don't need. And I certainly would not take the drugs reportedly that Trump has taken. And I certainly won't take a US vaccine that I know it is harming.