Sunday 18 October 2020 - 00:49

Does the Pentagon Have a Drone with John Bolton's Name on it?

By Kevin Barrett
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Does the Pentagon Have a Drone with John Bolton
And so that's a crime that's as if somebody today confessed to taking 10s of thousands of dollars to work for Daesh. In fact, comparing the MEK to Daesh might be unfair to Daesh. The MEK is in many ways similar to Daesh in terms of their extreme bloodthirstiness, having killed by various counts as more than 10,000 Iranians, almost all civilians in vicious terrorist attacks over the past few decades, but they also are a fanatical cult rather like Jonestown, founded by Jim Jones.

So, they're actually crazier as well as equally bloodthirsty when we compare them with Daesh, and even the United States, which hates the Islamic Republic of Iran and therefore, one would think would have a lot in common with MEK, due to the MEK's insanity, and they're extremely bloodthirsty over the top terrorism, essentially was forced to list them as a terrorist group, back when the policy was a little bit saner.

And so, in 2010 John Bolton was violating the law by accepting money from this group, tens of thousands of dollars as he went around giving speeches to try to help them. Imagine if somebody did that today with Daesh taking tens of thousands of dollars from Daesh going around on campuses, giving speeches supporting them if such a person did that, and especially if they had a Muslim name they would quickly get a one-way ticket to Guantanamo. In fact, they might not even get that they might find a drone overhead, which of course really is what Bolton deserves.

In fact, Bolton probably should have been droned a long time ago. But unfortunately, he's free to drone on and give boring speeches to terrorist groups and take tens of thousands of dollars for doing it. Well, it's interesting he actually confessed to this crime in an interview with Mehdi Hassan of Al Jazeera.

So now the question is, when will the prosecutors move into action or when will the drone operators move into action to neutralize this supporter of terrorism. The answer is it'll probably happen slowly because as Bolton said in the interview Hillary Clinton under the Obama administration working with the Israelis and their neocon friends who of course have been supporters of the MEK all along delisted the MEK in 2012. Well, that shouldn't save Bolton from prosecution, or neutralization via drone because he was working for them in 2010.

But the problem is that the Israeli lobby which was behind this switch in policy, and this sudden all-out support of the world's worst terrorist group runs the United States. In fact it's surprising it took them until 2012 to get the MEK listed because Israel basically took over this country on September 11, 2001 with one of the worst terror attacks in US history, blowing up the World Trade Center and control demolitions when they were still full of thousands of people.

Larry Silverstein, a friend of Netanyahu, who bought the World Trade Center two months before blowing it up confessed actually to being a party to those demolitions. He's also like John Bolton that confessed participant in mass murder, a confessed terrorist, and we wonder when the American military is going to wake up and call in the drones and deal with the likes of John Bolton, Larry Silverstein, Benjamin Netanyahu, and the other terrorists who have taken over this country and much of the world.