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US Reportedly Used Secret Authority to Conduct Proxy War Operations in Mideast, Asia-Pacific

2 Jul 2022 14:49

Islam Times - The United States has used a secret authority known as 127e to conduct at least 14 proxy war operations in the Middle East and the Asia-Pacific region as early as 2020, the Intercept reported citing documents it obtained as well as senior Defense Department officials.

The United States uses the 127e authority to allow US commandos to conduct so-called 'counterterrorism operations' through foreign and irregular partner forces around the world, the report said on Friday, Sputnik reported.

The United States, through the authority, is then able to provide foreign forces with arms, training and intelligence, who are then sent on US-directed missions targeting US enemies, the report said.

Citing retired four-star Army Gen. Joseph Votel, the report noted that the United States conducted 127e operations in Egypt, Lebanon, Syria and Yemen.

Another former senior defense official confirmed to the Intercept that a 127e operation took place in Iraq and obtained documents showed another 127e operation took place in Tunisia.

These secret operations have cost the United States $310 million between 2017 and 2020, the report said.

The Defense Department and Special Operations Command refuse to comment on the 127e authority because it is classified and the White House has failed to address the matter, the report said.

In addition, it is unknown how many civilians and foreign forces have been killed during 127e operations, but there have been US casualties, the report said.

The report said, citing a US government official familiar with the program, that only a small number of lawmakers on Congress' armed services and intelligence committees read reports on 127e operations while others do not know they exist.

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