Thursday 4 August 2022 - 11:57

’Israeli’ Elections: Lapid Slams Netanyahu as ‘Disconnected’ After Presenting Economic ‘Emergency Plan’

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’Israeli’ Elections: Lapid Slams Netanyahu as ‘Disconnected’ After Presenting Economic ‘Emergency Plan’
However, his political opponents slammed the proposals as “disconnected” and pointed out that living costs soared during Netanyahu’s long period as prime minister.

In a 17-minute-long video uploaded to his official social media accounts, Netanyahu presented his Likud party’s proposals for lowering prices in the Zionist entity.

Netanyahu said if elected he would immediately lower electricity, gas and water prices, as well as freeze the rates for municipal taxes for a year. These steps would cause a domino effect of falling prices, he claimed further.

Meanwhile, the Zionist entity’s Prime Minister Yair Lapid kicked off his Yesh Atid party’s election campaign on Wednesday, also promising to lower the cost of living in ‘Israel’ and taking a dig at Netanyahu. During Netanyahu’s time as prime minister, the cost of living climbed.

“We are leading the fight against a rise in the cost of living,” Lapid told a crowd of supporters at an event held in Tel Aviv.

“For 15 years nobody did anything, they did not touch it,” he said, apparently referring to Netanyahu’s 12 consecutive years as prime minister before Naftali Bennett took power last year, plus Netanyahu’s three years as premier in the 1990s.

“Suddenly Netanyahu learns how to fill up a car? He goes to a gas station, and even does it exactly when we have just brought gas prices down,” Lapid said. Gas prices dropped significantly on Sunday after steadily rising for months.

Lapid’s Yesh Atid party said in a statement that Netanyahu was “continuing his disconnected fake news campaign to hide the fact that for 15 years he neglected” the economy.