Monday 8 August 2022 - 08:51

Gaza Truce Enters into Effect: Islamic Jihad Imposes Its Conditions, Warns of Resuming Fighting if Deal Violated

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Gaza Truce Enters into Effect: Islamic Jihad Imposes Its Conditions, Warns of Resuming Fighting if Deal Violated
The truce, which according to the deal was set to enter into effect at 23:30 occupied al-Quds Time, also achieved the conditions set by the Islamic Jihad movement about releasing detainees Sheikh Bassam al-Saadi and Khalil Awawdeh from the ‘Israeli’ occupation prisons, beside ending hostilities at the mentioned time.

In his presser, Nakhala underlined that the Palestinian people and the resistance in Gaza, especially al-Quds Brigades, scored a major achievement against the ‘Israeli’ aggression, making clear that the Islamic Jihad movement acted to defend the unity of the Palestinian people and all the battlefields.

“The Islamic Jihad movement remained stable, solid, and stronger than any time before, and everybody was observing the major achievements it scored,” he said, elaborating on the 58 ‘Israeli’ settlements that have simultaneously been under the fire of the al-Quds Brigades’ missiles.

“The Zionist occupation was under the pressure of the Palestinian resistance which forced it to release detainees Khalil Awawdeh and Sheikh Bassam al-Saadi,” Nakhala said, reiterating that “The occupation couldn’t impose any condition on the Islamic Jihad, and we present this victory to all the peoples that supported that Palestinian people.”

As he underlined that the ‘Israeli’ enemy was urgently seeking a ceasefire agreement while the Islamic Jihad managed to set the condition of releasing the detainees al-Saadi and Awawdeh, the group’s secretary general cautioned the Tel Aviv regime that hadn’t it been committed to the agreed on conditions, then the deal would be canceled and the Islamic Jihad will resume the battle.

As for the Egyptian mediation, Nakahla said it is respected, but he pointed to that the sole guarantor is the force of the resistance on the ground.

“Al-Quds Brigades used missiles that reached all ‘Israeli’ settlements. All occupied cities were under the fire of our rockets and the occupation forces couldn’t advance a single meter towards Gaza; and we cemented the balance of horror,” the Islamic Jihad leader said.

On the level of hailing other resistance forces, he suggested the following question: “When the besieged Gaza Strip can impose its conditions on the occupation, what would the case be for the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon and the things it may achieve?”

As Nakhala stressed that the resistance today imposes different equations, he noted that “The resistance in Palestine has peoples and countries that support it, and I thank the Iranian people and state for their support of the Palestinian people.”

Over the course of 50-hour-long fighting, we insisted on cementing the equation that the resistance has the upper hand and the enemy failed to break the Islamic Jihad resistance movement, the movement's leader said before greeting all battalions of resistance that took part in this battle from the occupied West Bank.

“What was achieved is a victory that belongs to the Palestinian people and we will protect this victory,” he said, underscoring that although ‘Unity of the Battlefields’ was a simple slogan, it was also very significant, adding that “we have fought to cement and protect this slogan.”

At the end of the conference, Nakhala emphasized on unity among the forces of resistance by saying: “We are in a continuous alliance with the brothers in Hamas and all the other factions in which the enemy won’t be able to separate us.”