Thursday 18 August 2022 - 11:39

‘Israeli’ Spy Agency Appoints Two Women for First Time to Top Roles

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‘Israeli’ Spy Agency Appoints Two Women for First Time to Top Roles
The first woman, A., took up her role recently as head of the Mossad's Intelligence Department which is equal to the level of the head of Military Intelligence in the ‘Israeli’ military. The second woman, K., was appointed to head the ‘Iran Department.’

The intelligence department at the Mossad, currently managed by two women, A. and her deputy H., is considered one of the organization's core anchors and growth engines.

A. has served in the core of the intelligence community for the past 20 years, and is entrusted with the formation of the strategic intelligence picture at the ‘Israeli’ level on a series of topics, including the ‘Iranian nuclear threat, global terrorism and normalization with the Arab world.’ Also, she is responsible for intelligence in all Mossad operations.

She will now join K., who serves as the head of the Iran Department, the organization's main area of activity. The head of the Iran system is responsible for the Mossad's strategy in dealing with the ‘Iranian threat in all its forms and is responsible for leading the combined campaign of operations, technology and intelligence in the Mossad together with the ‘Israeli’ military and all ‘security’ branches.’

Four women currently serve in the forum of department heads and are part of the senior executive team that runs the spying network.

The woman that held the highest position in the Mossad was Aliza Magen, who served as the Mossad’s deputy director 30 years ago.

Other women in senior roles include H. who is the deputy head of the agency’s intelligence division, and E. who was recently appointed as deputy head of the manpower division.