Tuesday 27 September 2011 - 07:54
Islam Times Exclusive:

How President Saleh Came Back to Yemen

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How President Saleh Came Back to Yemen
Islam Times: Yemeni security sources are now denying the account in block, saying:
"The Yemeni president landed at Sana'a airport early Friday morning and secretly visited the two neighborhoods that have been the scene of recent clashes between protestors and the regime."

The man who wished to remain anonymous went on describing the manner upon which the president's arrival had been planned, giving details such as the decoy used by the president's personal security service, the route used and Saleh's first meeting with his government.

"He went to his old house before going to the presidential palace. The first person Saleh met was Vice-President Abdu Rabu Mansoor Hadi, with whom he held a long meeting."

According to the source, Saleh's return took everyone by surprise, including his own guards who believed until he stepped through the palace's doors that he was still in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.