Thursday 1 December 2022 - 10:26

UN Passes Resolution in Support of Palestine

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UN Passes Resolution in Support of Palestine
According to the local Palestinian Shehab News website, the United Nations General Assembly approved a resolution that endorses the holding of Nakba Day in Palestine.
The resolution was approved in a meeting on Wednesday evening despite the opposition of the United States, the UK and the ‘Israeli’ occupation regime.
In the resolution, the need to hold a high-level meeting to hold rallies to mark the 75th anniversary of the occupation of Palestine [Nakba Day] was emphasized.
As many as 90 different countries including most Arab and Islamic countries, voted in favor. 30 countries including US, the UK, Germany, Italy, Canada, Australia voted against and 47 other countries abstained.
Nakba day falls on May 15 each year. The date commemorates events that led to the ‘Israeli’ regime forcible expulsion of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from their homes to make way for Zionist settlers 74 years ago.
Every year Palestinians and their supporters across the globe mark the anniversary of Nakba Day. This year, Palestinians marked the day amid rising tensions following the recent killing of a veteran Palestinian journalist by the ‘Israeli’ occupation forces.