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US’ Black Face: Police Release Video of Tyre Nicholas’ Brutal Killing

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US’ Black Face: Police Release Video of Tyre Nicholas’ Brutal Killing
The footage from police body-worn and dashboard cameras was posted on Friday evening on the city’s Vimeo site, a day after the officers were charged with second-degree murder, assault, kidnapping, official misconduct and oppression.

The footage shows the officers beating the FedEx worker for three minutes in an assault that the Nichols family’s legal team likened to the infamous 1991 police beating of Los Angeles motorist Rodney King.

One video clip shows officers dragging Nichols from the driver’s seat of his car as he yells, “Damn, I didn’t do anything … I am just trying to go home”, and force him to the ground as they order him to lay on his stomach, then squirt him in the face with pepper spray.

“Get on the ground,” one officer yells, as another is heard yelling, “Tase him! Tase him!”

Nichols calmly replied soon after being wrestled to the pavement, “OK, I’m on the ground”. Then, as the officers continue to yell, Nichols says, “Man, I am on the ground.”

An officer yells, “Put your hands behind your back before I break your [expletive].” Moments later, an officer yells, “[Expletive], put your hands behind your back before I break them”.

“You guys are really doing a lot right now,” Nichols says loudly to the officers. “I’m just trying to go home.”

“Stop, I’m not doing anything,” he yells a moment later.

The camera is briefly obscured and then Nichols can be seen running as an officer fires a Taser at him. The officers then start chasing Nichols.

A separate video shows a subsequent struggle after officers catch up with Nichols again and are beating him. Two officers are seen holding him down as a third one kicks him, and a fourth delivers blows with what appears to be a rod before another punches Nichols.

After the beating, officers milled about for several minutes while Nichols lay propped up against the car, then slumped onto the street.

He succumbed to his injuries and died three days later while hospitalized.

The five officers were dismissed from the police department last Saturday following their January 7 confrontation.

“Now we are waiting for the reaction, once people can digest this video … once they can see it, once they can get through this hour-long raw video that the police have just released,” he said.

Elizondo said the public reaction is likely to be one of anger, and protesters who had gathered in a park in Memphis before the video was released were already angry and calling for justice.

“Police departments in New York City, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Washington, DC, including here in Memphis, all of them have put their police forces on high alert anticipating protests that could happen later this evening here throughout the United States, depending on what the reaction is to this now released video,” he said.

The White House said it had held a conference call with mayors from several cities to brief them on federal preparations for the anticipated release of the footage and asked the mayors to remain in regular contact in the coming days.

US police departments also took to social media following the release of the footage to condemn “police brutality”.

Peggy Mitchum
United States
Send them to prison for life that was wrong what they did to tyre Nicolas