Thursday 2 February 2023 - 08:46

North Korea Vows ‘Toughest Reaction’ Possible After US Military Pledges More Weapons to Peninsula

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North Korea Vows ‘Toughest Reaction’ Possible After US Military Pledges More Weapons to Peninsula
Pyongyang pledged it will respond with the “toughest possible” measures to any US military provocation against the country, after the US pledged to deploy more weapons to the Korean peninsula.
Following recent “reckless military confrontational maneuvers and hostile acts of the US and its vassal forces,” the Foreign Ministry of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea [DPRK] said Thursday that the Biden regime brought the “military and political situation on the Korean peninsula and in the region” to an “extreme red line.”
“The US is going to ignite an all-out showdown with the DPRK,” officials there said, citing the intimidating new war games the US is set to hold along with the South Korean regime in February – including a "drill for operating extended deterrence" and the “largest-ever field mobile live shell firing drill simulating the use of nuclear weapons.”
As North Korean authorities noted, US War Secretary Lloyd Austin met with his South Korean counterpart Tuesday amid an ongoing tour of the Pacific.
This “vivid expression” of the US brinkmanship will “result in turning the Korean peninsula into a huge war arsenal and a more critical war zone,” per DPRK officials.
With North Koreans now “seeing through the true intention of the US,” officials point out that “the DPRK has a clear counteraction strategy,” which they note is “capable of coping with any short- and long-term scheme implemented by the US and its vassal forces.”
Officials underscored that it “will strongly control the present and future potential challenges with the most overwhelming nuclear force.”
“If the US continues to introduce strategic assets into the Korean peninsula and its surrounding area, the DPRK will make clearer its deterring activities without fail according to their nature,” they promised.
As it stands, the DPRK is “not interested in any contact or dialogue with the US” as long as it continues to pursue what the North Korean government condemned as a “hostile policy and confrontational line.”
For now, “the escalating tension on the Korean peninsula and in the region is entirely attributable to the hostile policy of the US,” they say, given that Washington is forcing the DPRK to “disarm itself unilaterally by means of sanctions and military pressure” while it “pursues the military expansion of its allies.”