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Three Zionist Soldiers Injured in Violent Fight Near Lebanon Border

25 Mar 2023 12:57

Islam Times - Three Zionist soldiers have sustained injuries as they got involved in a violent quarrel between an ‘Israeli’ settler, permanent service soldiers, and an ‘Israeli’ military force near the Lebanese border.

In further details, ‘Israeli’ Maariv website reported that “An ‘Israeli’ military patrol of the 202 Brigade of paratroopers came to inspect a car that approached the border fence. Two off-duty permanent service soldiers and a settler were inside the car.”

The soldiers claimed that the three members violently attacked them, the website mentioned, adding that one of them stabbed one of the soldiers near his eye using a sharp tool. Another member punched a soldier leading him to faint. Two more soldiers and a sergeant were injured and transferred to hospital for medical treatment.

Commenting on the incident, the ‘Israeli’ military spokesman described it as a dangerous accident that doesn’t go along with the values of the ‘Israeli’ army. The spokesman added that the incident is being investigated by the military police.

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