Monday 29 May 2023 - 21:17

Arab League Urges Int’l Community to Protect Palestinian Kids

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Arab League Urges Int’l Community to Protect Palestinian Kids
This came in the remarks of Arab League's Assistant Secretary General and Head of Social Affairs Sector, Haifa abu Ghazaleh, made during the inauguration of a virtual conference on the flagrant violations on children during armed conflicts held on Sunday.

Many ambassadors, ministers, representatives of states and NGOs attended the conference, which was held in cooperation with Qatar.

Abu Ghazaleh stressed on the importance of ending violations on children during the armed conflict resulted from the humanitarian crises in the Arab world.

"The international community must take serious action and stop Israeli violations on Palestinian children, protect them and guarantee their safety," she said, the Middle East Monitor reported.

She added: "The international community must hold accountable those responsible for those violations and guarantee their prosecution for their crimes."

Deputy Palestinian Minister of Social Development. Asem Khamees, said, "The number of Palestinian children who are prisoners inside Israeli jails has reached 170; all of them subjected to different forms of violations and torture."

Khamees added, "The Israeli occupation detained 7,500 Palestinian children between 2015 and 2020."