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Army Cmdr. Voices Iran Self-Sufficiency in Military Equipment

30 Nov 2023 21:16

Islam Times - The deputy Army chief for coordination, pointing to the capabilities of Iran in the field of military equipment, said on Thursday that the country has become "self-sufficient" and exports some military equipment.

Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari enlisted "faithfulness, belief, expertise, and self-sacrificing," as the root causes of the cutting-edge military achievements of Islamic Iran.

Against the backdrop of the reasons for threats against Iran, he pointed out that "the geopolitical position of Iran in West Asia, rich reservoirs, and Islamic and anti-arrogance causes of the country are the reasons why threats are imposed against Iran." 

Speaking on the commemoration of Basij Week, he said "Basij is a mindset that we all have to move in this path."

Referring to Iranian Navy Day, he outlined the achievements of the Iranian Navy and the bravery of Iranian soldiers who safeguarded the Persian Gulf within 67 days after the end of the imposed war.

Elsewhere he referred to the Al-Aqsa Storm Operation, saying that bringing the issue of Palestine back to the spotlight was one of the achievements of the Hamas operation. 

He also added that the behind-the-scenes cooperation of some countries with the Zionist army was also revealed in the aftermath of the Hamas operation.

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