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‘Israeli’ Soldier Shoots Mentally-disabled Palestinian In Occupied West Bank

6 Dec 2023 12:31

Islam Times - An ‘Israeli’ occupation soldier in military fatigues appeared in a circulating video shooting and wounding a mentally-disabled Palestinian near the occupied West Bank city of al-Khalil.

Tarek Abu Abed, known to friends and family as “Ghazzawi,” was on his way home Tuesday when he was stopped by three Zionist soldiers and asked for identification, Tarek’s brother Diaa Abu Abed told CNN by telephone on Tuesday.

“Anybody who meets Tarek can tell immediately he has special needs,” Diaa Abu Abed said. “His brain works like a child’s does.”

When Tarek Abu Abed told the men that he did not have identification, an argument ensued that culminated in Tarek being shot, according to his brother.

Diaa Abu Abed identified the men who stopped his brother as ‘Israeli’ soldiers.

While some Zionist settlers are also known to wear military fatigues and have access to military assault rifles, the ‘Israeli’ occupation forces later confirmed to CNN that ‘Israeli’ soldiers had been involved in a confrontation with a mentally-disabled man near al-Khalil on Tuesday and said its Military Police were investigating the encounter.

“Based on the initial information available, it appears that during a check that was conducted earlier today, a Palestinian was shot in the leg,” the ‘Israeli’ military said in a statement.

CNN geolocated the incident to near the town of Sidet Qalqas, south of al-Khalil.

The men had their rifles aimed at Tarek Abu Abed, and shouting can be heard. Abu Abed appears to be attempting to stand up as several local residents look on. He then stands up and approaches one of the men, seemingly agitated. A second man then approaches Abu Abed from behind.

A gunshot rings out, and Abu Abed collapses to the ground. Two of the men continue to point their weapons at him.

Diaa Abu Abed said that an onlooker called him, and he arrived on the scene soon after.

The Palestine Red Crescent Society said in a statement on Tuesday that it had transported a 34-year-old man with a bullet wound in his leg from Qalqas to the hospital.

Tarek Abu Abed suffered heavy bleeding and has undergone surgery on his leg, his brother said.

At least 256 Palestinians have been martyred by ‘Israeli’ occupation troops or Zionist settlers in the occupied West Bank and east al-Quds since October 7, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health.

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