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Head of Hezbollah’s Loyalty to the Resistance Bloc Declares Decisive Victory Over Israeli Enemy in Lebanon and Gaza

18 Feb 2024 21:46

Islam Times - In a recent statement, the head of Hezbollah’s Loyalty to the Resistance Bloc, MP Mohamed Raad, said that the Israeli enemy has reached a dead end, and the victory over it in Lebanon and Gaza will be decisive. During a ceremony honoring Martyr Hasan Ali Najem who embraced martyrdom on all the way to Al-Quds, Raad expressed confidence in defeating the enemy, despite its escalating tyranny.

Raad highlighted the enemy’s destructive actions in Gaza, targeting civilians, schools, and hospitals. Raad questioned the Israeli’s inability to achieve its goals despite its military incursions.

Raad condemned the ongoing aggression in Gaza, describing it as a genocide unseen in history. He reaffirmed solidarity with the oppressed people of Gaza and vowed to alleviate their suffering. Raad warned the Israeli enemy of the resistance’s readiness to confront any attack.

Despite facing challenges and sacrifices, Raad emphasized the importance of maintaining strength, courage, and steadfastness in the ongoing battle. He noted that the enemy’s desperation is evident through its actions, as it lacks true victory in the ongoing war.

As the Israeli aggression continues, Raad reminded the Israeli enemy that the resistance remains undeterred and united in its cause. He criticized Arab regimes for turning their backs on the region’s people, echoing a sentiment of complicity with the enemy. The battle, Raad stressed, is not an easy one, but victory remains within reach for the courageous resistance fighters.

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