Monday 25 March 2024 - 12:16

Jordanian Protesters Demand Closure of Israeli Embassy

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Jordanian Protesters Demand Closure of Israeli Embassy
Jordanian riot police used tear gas on Sunday to disperse hundreds of protesters marching toward the embassy, denouncing Israeli war crimes in Gaza, including attacks on hospitals and civilian casualties.

The protesters called for the removal of the Israeli embassy from Jordanian soil and the termination of the unpopular peace treaty with Israel. They also expressed support for the Palestinian resistance.

"Revenge ... revenge ... Oh Hamas, bomb Tel Aviv," the protesters shouted.

Riot police were deployed near the Kaloti Mosque to prevent demonstrators from reaching the embassy, leading to clashes where some protesters were reportedly beaten and others arrested.

Jordan has seen large pro-Palestine rallies since Israel's offensive in Gaza began on October 7, 2023, with the Israeli embassy becoming a focal point for protests.

Jordanian authorities have responded to anti-Israeli protests by arresting hundreds of activists and protesters, accusing them of violating the law.

According to Palestinian medical sources, Israel's offensive in Gaza has killed 32,226 civilians, mostly women and children, and wounded 74,518 others. Many remain trapped under rubble or along roads as rescue efforts are hindered by Israeli forces.

On Sunday, Palestinian sources reported eight massacres in the past 24 hours, resulting in the deaths of 84 civilians and injuring 106 others.