Tuesday 4 June 2013 - 21:16

Gulf Countries to list Hezbollah as terror organization?

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Gulf Countries to list Hezbollah as terror organization?
The Gulf Cooperation Council had “decided to look into taking measures against Hezbollah’s interests in the member states,” GCC chief Abdullatif al-Zayani told reporters at the end of a ministerial meeting on Sunday. He was quick to note however that  "placing Hezbollah on the GCC’s terror list is a technical and legal matter that needs to be further studied."

Bahrain Foreign Minister Ghanem al-Buainain said the six-member Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) regarded Hezbollah’s involvement in Syria as “sectarian intervention." He added, "“It is a terrorist organization and this is how Gulf States see it."
At a press conference al-Buainain stressed "No one can cover up the Hezbollah's practices .... Their actions in Syria can only be compared to that of a terror organization. There is a consensus in the region in regards to the Hezbollah."
He explained that whether the Shiite organization will end up being listed as a terror organization remains to be debated.
At the opening of the meeting, al-Buainain had called for “a serious stance and united action to end the attacks on the interests of the Syrian people and giving them the right to choose their political regime.”
“We see this today as a clear and flagrant Iranian interference, alongside its ally Hezbollah, in the Syrian crisis using all sorts of weapons and turning Syria into a battle zone that has left thousands of Syrians dead,” he said.