Monday 10 June 2013 - 08:27

EDL rally features Nazi salutes, anti-Islam blasphemy

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EDL rally features Nazi salutes, anti-Islam blasphemy
The salutes were made as the 300-strong EDL rally on Saturday was countered by a protest by around 2,000 members of the Unite Against Fascism campaign group.
The episode at the war memorial at Barker's Pool in Sheffield also once more revealed the Islamophobic nature of the EDL as the group chanted blasphemous anti-Islamic slogans.
"They claimed to be coming here peacefully but I am disgusted that they stood in front of the war memorial and gave a nazi salute, then chanted obscenities at the police and towards Sheffield's Muslim citizens," Sheffield Central Labour MP Paul Blomfield.
The EDL have been exploiting the death of a British soldier in Woolwich last month to unleash hundreds of racist attacks against mosques and Muslims and preach anti-Muslim hatred in dozens of rallies across Britain.
In response, Unite Against Fascism and other anti-racism campaign groups have held several protest rallies in time with EDL marches.