Tuesday 12 November 2013 - 07:44

MP Fadlallah: 39 Israeli Espionage Towers at Palestinian-Lebanese Borders

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MP Fadlallah: 39 Israeli Espionage Towers at Palestinian-Lebanese Borders
The session convened in presence of the head of the committee MP Hassan Fadlallah, caretaker Ministers of Telecommunications, Foreign affairs, Defense and other officials and technicians.
The committee denounced the Israeli espionage stations along the border as violation of Lebanon's sovereignty, pointing out that it defies the UNSC resolution 1701.
MP Hassan Fadlallah said that the ongoing Israeli aggression took a new direction in terms of the used techniques.
"The Israelis had erected till 2010 around 21 espionage towers at the Lebanese borders; in 2013, 39 Israeli espionage towers are there."
Condemning the Israeli violation, he called on all the Lebanese to “confront it with all the possible means.”
“If we had a capable state and less political disputes, the Israeli enemy wouldn't have dared to carry out any violation,” Fadlallah added.
MP Fadlallah considered that the government is responsible for the Israeli violations and highlighted the importance of the national unity to face the Israeli aggression.
"It is a national cause, not a partisan one," he stressed, "Secrecy in this field is of a great importance."
For his part, the caretaker minister of defense revealed that the Lebanese army has arrested a number of Israeli spies that work in coordination with the Israeli espionage towers.
Lebanon is expected to file a complaint to the United Nations Security Council over the issue in light of the report issued by the parliamentary media and telecommunications committee.