Thursday 7 November 2019 - 07:51

SDF Announces Two Conditions for Agreement With the Syrian Government

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SDF Announces Two Conditions for Agreement With the Syrian Government
Abdi said, “Until we reach an agreement with the Syrian government, we have two prerequisites: First, the existing administration should be part of the general administration of Syria within the constitution. Second, the SDF should be an independent institution, or we can say that it has privacy within the general protection system of Syria. "

He explained that the Kurdish demand is that the SDF maintain its military organizational presence, and in these areas where all the areas of northern and eastern Syria are fulfilling its duty, the duty to protect these areas, as an official part of the Syrian army, While the Syrian government thinks differently, it accepts that SDFs should be part of the Syrian army in general, but without their specificity and military independence. The government wants these forces to join the army in the form of individuals, people and leaders. For our part, it cannot be accepted. 

Earlier, Abdi announced that his forces had resumed their joint work program with the US-led coalition against the Islamic State terror group.

"As a result of a series of meetings with US coalition commanders, the SDF is resuming its joint program of work with the coalition to fight ISIS and secure infrastructure in northeastern Syria," Abdi wrote on Twitter.

He added that this was done "according to the current stage and new developments on the ground."

The "Syrian Democratic Forces" has denied the news of the injury of Mazloum Abdi, stressing that he is working normally.

"The news of Mazloum Abdi's injury is not true in any way," said Mustafa Bali, a media center official in SDF.