Friday 27 March 2020 - 11:53

US Not Allowed to Interfere in Other States' Internal Affairs: Iran FM Spox

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US Not Allowed to Interfere in Other States
"No regulations in the international law permits Washington to interfere in internal affairs of other countries by misusing judicial mechanisms," Mousavi said on Friday.

He also noted that according to the international law the US is not entitled to prepare the grounds for a coup in other independent countries or toppling their governments, adding that even worse than anything to put prize for arresting the head of a foreign state in a bid to pursue discrediting that head of state by using this worn-out method.

"The US government has blatantly brought to the peak its trans-territorial acts unilateralism and such self-rule acts and violating the international laws has reached a point that may jeopardize the sovereignty of the UN and the international community," the Iranian foreign ministry spokesman added.

He described the indifference, silence, and submission to the such US acts as an accompaniment and contributing to the US' illegal behavior, and emphasized, "We call on all members of the international community to defend multilateralism through consensus and say no to the US unilateral acts with a loud voice."

The US State Department has offered a reward of $15 million for information that could lead to the arrest or conviction of Maduro and several high-ranking Venezuelan officials.

Washington has brought charges of narco-terrorism against Maduro and his close allies in the government of the South American country.