Friday 3 April 2020 - 02:39

Oppression of Muslims in India amid Covid-19 Outbreak

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Oppression of Muslims in India amid Covid-19 Outbreak
The Indian government shut down the Central Office of the Islamic Missionaries a few days ago and accused Muslims of spreading the coronavirus in the country.

Indian officials said that despite the government’s order to obey social distancing, a number of Muslims visited the center of “Tablighi Jamaat” in New Delhi from different cities who were later put in quarantine.

New Delhi authorities claimed that the quarantine protocols were not being observed in the center which is considered a criminal act.

Currently, the officials are striving to find those who were in the building and have them take a coronavirus test.

The enactment of the Indian citizenship law at the end of 2019 triggered a wave of protests in the country. Under the new law, only non-Muslim Afghans, Bangladeshis, and Pakistanis who seek asylum in India can apply for citizenship in the country.

Many Muslims staged a protest against the new law that was suppressed with unprecedented violence. In recent weeks, videos of a Hindu group attacking Muslims returning home from the mosque have sparked widespread reactions.