Wednesday 16 September 2020 - 12:26

‘Israeli’ Official Says Saudi Will ’Very Likely’ Join Normalization Deal

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‘Israeli’ Official Says Saudi Will ’Very Likely’ Join Normalization Deal
Relatively, US President Donald Trump said something similar at his remarks at the signing of the deals at the White House on Tuesday. After the ceremony, Trump spoke with King Salman of Saudi Arabia, and said he expected the Saudis to normalize with ‘Israel’ soon.

However, the Saudi government insisted it would stand alongside the Palestinian people.

In an official statement, the Saudi government claimed that it "supported all efforts aimed at reaching a just, comprehensive solution that will allow the Palestinian people to establish an independent state along the 1967 borders."

The Zionist diplomat's comments appear to contradict what a number of Arab diplomats have recently told the newspaper.

One Arab diplomat said this week that despite the central role Saudi Arabia played in the normalization process, Arab diplomats nearly all believed that the Saudis would not normalize with ‘Israel’ themselves, mostly because of their commitment to the Saudi plan for ‘Israel’ and the Palestinians.

"The Saudis will not turn their backs on the initiative they conceived. Saudi Arabia will not normalize with ‘Israel’, at least not as long as King Salman is alive. After that, Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman will find a way to reach a deal with ‘Israel.’ Unlike his father, he is not obligated to the Palestinians," the diplomat emphasized.