Thursday 19 November 2020 - 11:19

Palestinians Protest Pompeo’s Planned Visit to ‘Israeli’ Settlements

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Palestinians Protest Pompeo’s Planned Visit to ‘Israeli’ Settlements
Pompeo's tour marks the first time that a top American diplomat has visited an ‘Israeli’ settlement. Owners of the land where the so-called Psagot settlement has been established say the policy of the American administration will continue in support of the occupation.

Pompeo’s visit comes two months before the inauguration of the next US administration. Meanwhile, observers in the occupied territories say ‘Israel’ is seeking to impose more restrictions in the West Bank with the help of Trump’s administration.

The Palestinian leadership denounced Pompeo’s visit as a way to legalize the settlements. Palestinians say the visit at this time specifically sets a dangerous precedent that violates the international law.

Anti-settlement groups revealed that during Trump’s term in office, the occupation entity has approved thousands of new settler units, including in highly contested areas, and 2020 marked one of the most prolific years for the Zionist regime’s illegal settlement construction.