Wednesday 17 February 2021 - 21:08

Russia Warns to Switch to ‘Active Containment” Policy if US Keeps Putting Pressure

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Russia Warns to Switch to ‘Active Containment” Policy if US Keeps Putting Pressure
“Regardless of their sanctions, we will not abandon the constructive agenda in our relations with the US. However, we cannot implement this on our own. If the US policy remains unchanged, if it keeps prioritizing pressure, then we will pursue the policy of active containment of the US on all fronts,” Deputy Foreign Minister Ryabkov said as quoted by Sputnik news agency.

According to the Russian diplomat, the containment policy will include steps to counter sanctions and “US attempts to have influence on our domestic processes.”

Moscow will also internationally promote the idea that “a multiporal world is not some abstract concept, there is an alternative to the US dictatorship, the policy of consolidating sane forces in the international community to counter the US foreign policy and information aggression,” Ryabkov continued.

“The so-called American rhetoric has long lost elements of correspondence to reality, it has lost signs of common sense … I cannot remember assessments and stances that would be more vicious and divorced from reality than those promoted by the US propaganda machine through government-controlled media outlets … This reflects fundamental hostility to Russia, and we will counter this,” Ryabkov added.

Meanwhile, he voiced Moscow’s readiness to work with US President Joe Biden and his team to resolve issues related to the two countries’ diplomatic missions, Sergey Ryabkov said.