Saturday 6 March 2021 - 10:29

Nigerian Professor: Our People Consider Sheikh Zakzaky as their Last Hope for their Freedom

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Nigerian Professor: Our People Consider Sheikh Zakzaky as their Last Hope for their Freedom
According to Islam Times, for more than five years, Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky, Nigeria's Shiite leader, has been arrested along with his wife and has been transferred to prison despite severe injuries and problems caused by Nigerian military attacks during their arrest. Since that day, human rights activists have not only taken no action to secure the release of Sheikh Zakzaky, but have secretly given the green light to Abuja officials to continue the imprisonment of the cleric and prominent Nigerian figure.

"Ishaq Adam," a member of Sheikh Zakzaky's defense team, recently told the Islam Times: Nigerian authorities do not want to release Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky because they consider his presence a danger. Therefore, they want the "sheikh" to disappear, but God Almighty did not want it. 

Roland Sanda, one of the prominent priests in Nigeria, also pointed out that the available evidence indicates Zionist-Saudi conspiracies against Sheikh Zakzaky. He also told the Islam Times that there seemed to be strong international plans behind the injustices against Zakzaky, and that all efforts to help him had been in vain.

Interview with Professor Shehu Ahmad Maigandi, Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture at Osman Bin Fudio University in Nigeria

1) Why do Nigerians continue to demonstrate for the release of Sheikh Zakzaki almost every day, despite widespread repression?)

The common man in Nigeria considered Sheikh Zakzaky as their last hope for their freedom. Also he is a spiritual leader who does not compromise with the oppressors unlike other so call spiritual leaders. He has never change the style of his call for the past 40yrs. Infact he is rooted in our minds such that it is difficult for us not follow him.

2) How do you assess the trial of Sheikh Zakzaky?
Abuja officials do not easily order the release of Sheikh Zakzaky in court, supporting the Nigerian Shiite leader and his goals and ideas, and supporting the steps he has taken so far to revive Islam must all be done by the Nigerian people. As a result, people must take to the streets and emphasize the freedom of Sheikh Zakzaky, and this move, which means holding demonstrations in Abuja, is the only way to free Sheikh Zakzaky. 

3) Why do you think the Nigerian government is afraid of Sheikh Zakzaky's growing popularity?

The tyrannical rulers of Nigeria and their foreign masters (the United States, the Zionist regime, Saudi Arabia, etc.) fear that what happened in Iran in 1979 (the Islamic Revolution of Iran) will happen in Nigeria.

4) What are the goals and concepts that the Islamic Movement in Nigeria is trying to achieve that the Nigerian government is putting pressure on the movement?

The goal of the Islamic movement is the liberation of society from oppression.

5) What is the main reason for Sheikh Zakzaky's popularity among all Nigerians, including Shiites, Sunnis, even Wahhabis and other religions such as Christians?

Honesty and adherence to a principle and subject that all people believe in and have no dipute over it, and that is the call to free people from oppression and refer people to the original religion of Islam of our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

6) In your opinion, is there behind-the-scenes hands involved in all this oppression of Sheikh Zakzaky and the members of this movement, for example, the Zionist-Wahhabi current of thought?

Undoubtedly, there are many behind-the-scenes hands involved on the subject of Sheikh Zakzaky and the cruel acts against him, and these behind-the-scenes hands are the root cause of injustice.

7) What is your message to the people of the world about the situation of Sheikh Zakzaki?

I know oppressors of the world united against Zakzaky. 

My message is that freedom seekers of the world should rally behind Zakzaky and call for his freedom. He has done nothing to warrant the present treatment from the Nigerian Government. His release is the only solution to Nigerian problem.