Sunday 7 March 2021 - 11:12

Defense Minister Unveils Iranian Rifles, Shotguns

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Defense Minister Unveils Iranian Rifles, Shotguns
The defense ministry unveiled seven rifles and shotguns, including the assault rifle “Masaf” with the Defense Minister in attendance.  

The rifles and shotguns, designed and manufactured by Iranian experts, include Masaf assault rifle, two Hoomak shotguns, Sorena-2 shotgun, Arta air rifle, Tooka air rifle, and PCP air rifle.

The light weapon Masaf is chambered in the 7.62×51 mm round and is cooled by air.

The weapon system of Masaf is of the short piston type, which is armed by indirect pressure of gunpowder gas and fed by ammunition. This system increases the reliability of the weapon and the durability of its sensitive parts. The weapon can be adjusted to fire in semi-automatic and burst mode.

Iran’s Armed Forces have made bedazzling breakthroughs in recent years in making a broad range of equipment, from firearms to advanced drones.

In a relevant development in February, Brigadier General Amir Hatami said the country is able to widen the range and speed of it anti-armor and defense missiles, stressing that the Armed Forces have almost reached self-sufficiency in manufacturing every equipment and weapon.

Hatami made the remarks during the inauguration of the production line of shoulder-launched missiles and the center for manufacturing solid fuel on Saturday February 6.

Hatami said that the Iranian Armed Forces can increase the range and speed of various missiles, adding, "Relying on astonishing knowledge and advances, the Ministry of Defense and defense industry experts have proven that they are able to produce and supply almost all the defense needs of the Armed Forces, including the Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps and the police, in the shortest possible time."

"Under the tough conditions of sanctions, Defense Industries Organization has managed to take valuable steps in designing and producing various types of weapons by planning, cohesion, management and relying on totally native technology and know-how," he noted.

"Today, no power in the world dares to encroach on our homeland due to the high preparedness of the Armed Forces," the minister went on to say.

"The monopoly on production of such advanced [shoulder-launched] missiles is in the hand of few countries in the world, and today the Ministry of Defense has been able to indigenize and mass-produce these missiles," Hatami stressed.

"The shoulder-launched missile is, in fact, one of the most sophisticated and effective weapons against individuals and low-altitude enemy targets," the defense minister stated.

He continued, "The sophistication of shoulder-launched missiles technology is important in that it is simple to handle by combat forces, despite the high level of technology."

“Such air defense shoulder-launched missiles are equal to the most modern ones in the world in terms of technology and tactical capability and are even superior to foreign models in some components." Hatami said, adding, “Definitely, these missiles increase Iran's defense power in asymmetric low-altitude battle.”