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Iraqi President Dismisses Ties with Israel

13 Sep 2021 23:53

Islam Times - Iraqi President Barham Salih rejected any relations between his country and Israel, and stressed support for the Palestinians’ rights.

Iraq is committed to defending the Palestinian cause and the rights of the Palestinian people, Salih said in an interview with al-Jazeera news channel.

"Without recognizing the legitimate rights of the Palestinians, establishing regional peace would not be possible," he added

The issue of normalizing Baghdad's ties with Tel Aviv has not been raised by the Iraqi government at all, the Iraqi president said.

Elsewhere, Salih called the upcoming elections in Iraq an opportunity for Iraqis, saying that any alternative to elections would cause chaos.

The current situation in Iraq is unacceptable and unstable, and it is time for Iraqis to enjoy a free and dignified life by forming a strong system of government after all difficult years, he said.

Iraq must either be a scene of conflict for others, or it must be a bridge for economic, trade, and infrastructure projects, Salih added.

Due to Iraq's non-recognition of Israel as a legitimate state since the latter's establishment in 1948, the two have not had any formal diplomatic relations so far.

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