Wednesday 27 October 2021 - 23:14

Raisi: Cyberattack on Iran Gas Stations Aimed at Infuriating People

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Raisi: Cyberattack on Iran Gas Stations Aimed at Infuriating People
Speaking at a Wednesday meeting of the cabinet, Raisi said the cyberattack that targeted the fuel distribution system yesterday was aimed at creating disorder and disrupting the life of Iranians in order to infuriate them.

He said the plotters sought to achieve their objectives by disrupting the life of ordinary citizens.

Stressing the need to prevent and get prepared for cyberattacks, the president said, “Not only were the (Iranian) officials not confused after the cyberattack, but they handled the situation immediately, and people also demonstrated their alertness in confrontation with this problem and vigilantly prevented anybody from misuse and opportunism.”

Calling for “serious preparedness for the cyberwarfare”, Raisi said the organizations in charge should share responsibilities properly and not allow the enemy to pursue its vicious purposes or disrupt the life of people.

A countrywide technical failure that occurred on Tuesday noon shut down a government system that manages fuel subsidies in Iran, but the problem was resolved by night.

The Nour News, affiliated with the Supreme National Security Council, confirmed in a report that the disruption was caused by a cyber-attack.

Most Iranians rely on the government subsidies to fuel their vehicles.
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