Wednesday 24 November 2021 - 10:29

UN Warns of Yemen Conflict’s “Catastrophic” Impact

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UN Warns of Yemen Conflict’s “Catastrophic” Impact
The review also noted that around half of the recorded displacements occurred in Yemen’s Marib governorate.

The conflict is driving many to flee, which exerts a heavy toll on Yemen’s humanitarian infrastructure, the report indicated.

“The majority of internally displaced persons [IDPs] are seeking refuge in Marib Al Wadi and Marib city, placing immense pressure on public services and fragile infrastructure in already overcrowded sites,” an IOM situation overview explained.

The update detailed that many of Yemen’s communities are “seeing their homes destroyed on a daily basis.”

“If hostilities continue to spread, the impact will be catastrophic, and thousands will be forced to flee the safety Marib city and Marib Al-Wadi currently offer,” the agency stressed.

An earlier report on Yemen from the UN United Nations Development Program [UNDP], published Tuesday, projected that the majority of future deaths caused by indirect impacts of the Yemen conflict will be from “young children”.