Saturday 4 December 2021 - 23:09

MBS to Start Tour around Region with Iran on Agenda

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MBS to Start Tour around Region with Iran on Agenda
Diplomatic sources in Riyadh confirmed that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman will begin on Monday an official tour of the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council countries with the aim of “removing any geopolitical differences” and enhancing cooperation and coordination among the six PGCC countries in all fields.

According to the MiddleEast.in-24 website, the diplomatic sources said in statements to the German news agency, DPA, that one of the most prominent topics on the agenda of the Saudi Crown Prince’s tour with his Persian Gulf leaders is “to deal seriously and effectively with the Iranian nuclear and missile file with all its components and repercussions."

A source told DPA that removing any geopolitical differences, whatever their level, and raising the pace of cooperation in various fields, including security, defense, economy, trade, investment, energy and communications among the six PGCC states, will occupy an important space in the deliberations of the Saudi Crown Prince with Persian Gulf leaders.

The sources announced that Prince Mohammed will start his five-day tour, his first after the Persian Gulf summit that was held in the western Saudi city of Al-Ula last January, by visiting the Sultanate of Oman, then Bahrain, Qatar, the Emirates and Kuwait.

The visit by the Saudi Crown Prince will come a few days after the French President Emmanuel Macron's ongoing visit to Persian Gulf counties to strike arms deals with them.