Saturday 22 January 2022 - 12:30

UN Chief Warns of Worse Scenario than Cold War

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UN Chief Warns of Worse Scenario than Cold War
Guterres presented his priorities for 2022 to the UN General Assembly, where he raised five alarms about the current state of the world. At the press briefing following his presentation, he was asked whether the world is on the verge of "Cold War II."

Guterres said the world is not on the verge of Cold War II, but something worse, Xinhua news agency reported.

"Not on the verge (of Cold War II) , but we are witnessing a new form," he said. "I wouldn't call (it) cold war. I wouldn't call (it) hot war. I would call (it) probably a new form of tepid confrontation."

The Cold War had a certain number of rules. It was between two blocs that were structured. Each of the two blocs had its military alliance. There were clear rules and clear mechanisms of prevention of conflict, he said.

"There was a certain level of predictability in the way that Cold War existed. What we have now is much more chaotic, much less predictable. We have no instruments to deal with crisis. And so, indeed, we live in a dangerous situation," he warned.