Thursday 27 January 2022 - 09:52

UAE Summons People for Sharing Videos of Yemeni Missile Raid

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UAE Summons People for Sharing Videos of Yemeni Missile Raid
State news agency WAM reported on Wednesday that the office had stressed that such video clips threaten vital and military installations as well as national security and stability, and urged the public not to share footage that may harm the country’s security interests.

UAE Attorney-General Hamad Saif al-Shamsi cautioned people against circulating such content, calling on them to abide by the enforceable national laws.

He further said the Public Prosecution will take “the appropriate legal action against related crimes to protect the nation’s interests, public order, and security of the community.”

Enjoying complete arms, logistical, and political backing from the United States, Saudi Arabia led many of its allies, chief among them the UAE, in the years-long invasion. The war has been seeking, in vain, to change Yemen’s ruling structure in favor of its former Riyadh-friendly officials.

The Yemeni forces that feature the country’s army and its allied fighters from the Popular Committees have, however, vowed not to lay down their arms until the country’s complete liberation from the scourge of the Saudi invasion.

Most recently, the joint forces carried out two operations codenamed “Yemen Storm 1” and “Yemen Storm 2,” which saw them strike targets deep inside Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

The first operation took place on January 17 with five ballistic missiles and a large number of drones, according to Spokesman for the Yemeni Armed Forces Brigadier General Yahya Saree.

It targeted the Dubai and Abu Dhabi airports, the Musaffah oil refinery in Abu Dhabi, and a number of important and sensitive Emirati sites and facilities.

One week later, Yemeni forces pounded al-Dhafra Air Base near Abu Dhabi along with important targets in Dubai. They also hit a number of military camps in Sharurah town of Saudi Arabia’s Najran and strategic sites in the kingdom’s Jizan and Asir regions.